TWICE’s Dahyun Looks Breathtaking In A Little Black Dress At “New York Fashion Week”

She effortlessly served beauty and elegance.

As soon as TWICE‘s Dahyun headed to the airport to fly to New York, she immediately turned heads with her elegant airport fashion. Now that she’s touched down in New York and attended Michael Kors‘s runway show, fans are losing their minds over the look she wore to the event.

Dahyun | @dahhyunnee/Instagram

Wearing sleek, straight hair, Dahyun wore an elevated little black dress covered in shimmering gems that captured the light beautifully. She kept the accessories on the softer side to highlight the dress, wearing black nails, a matching clutch, and Michael Kors heels.

With her makeup kept just as simple, Dahyun’s natural beauty left fans memorized by how stunning she looked. There was something else that had fans falling in love as well.

From videos of the singer at the event, ONCE lost their minds over Dahyun’s hourglass shape.

Not only did lucky fans receive a signature from Dahyun, but they also captured how amazing she looked in the outfit.

Even up close, Dahyun’s natural beauty shined with flawless skin and a warm smile.

Whether at the airport or a runway show, Dahyun will always serve beauty and looks.