TWICE’s Dahyun Gains Attention For Her “Minimal Makeup” Looks During The Group’s Recent Shows

“Dahyun’s face card is so strong…”

TWICE‘s Dahyun has gained praise for her minimal makeup looks during the group’s recent shows.

TWICE’s Dahyun | c

Since debuting, Dahyun has always exuded elegant and fairy-like visuals, and in particular, the simpler makeup designs have always allowed her natural visuals to shine even more.

| @dahhyunnee/Instagram
| @dahhyunnee/Instagram
| @dahhyunnee/Instagram

Recently, TWICE have been performing in huge stadiums in front of thousands of fans…

TWICE during their shows | @twicetagram/Instagram

While all the members have shined, Dahyun has gained attention after her minimal makeup looks during the shows have gained attention.

In videos shared online, netizens have praised Dahyun as she has appeared on stage in beautiful outfits but allowing her natural visuals to shine by wearing minimal makeup on her face. In the videos, her eyes look bright and her features look youthful.

In photos from fans, the natural beauty of Dahyun shined even more as she performed perfectly in front of crowds and had them in awe of her visuals.

Even on Instagram, Dahyun showcased the makeup looks. Aside from some blush and lipstick, her eye makeup was truly minimal, and sometimes only gems were added to match her outfits.

| @dahhyunnee/Instagram
| @dahhyunnee/Instagram

When the photos and clips were posted online, netizens couldn’t stop praising Dahyun’s decision to have minimal makeup, explaining that her face card is so strong that she doesn’t need it to showcase her visuals.

In particular, netizens brought back a vlog where Dahyun spoke about the idea of going on stage without any makeup, adding that it wasn’t something idols often did and even explaining that artists didn’t need heavy makeup on stage.

By looking at Dahyun’s Instagram, it shows that the idol has been following this minimal makeup look for previous shows, which just showcases how beautiful she is.

As always, the members of TWICE go by their own rules, and netizens couldn’t stop praising Dahyun for her decision.