TWICE’s Dahyun Releases Stunning New Cover

Fans are lucky to have her.

TWICE‘s Dahyun is often known for her goofy antics, adorable charm, and playful rapping skills.

TWICE’s Dahyun 

But the idol has never hidden her beautiful voice and incredible piano skills from her fans.

Over the years, Dahyun has uploaded numerous piano and vocal covers to TWICE’s YouTube channel as gifts for fans, allowing them to hear her melodic voice and talented piano playing.

| TWICE/YouTube 

And once more, the idol has surprised fans with a gift of her cover of TWICE’s song “Promise.”

One of TWICE’s Japanese tracks, “Promise,” is filled with meaningful lyrics for fans as the members sing about promising to always be by their side, when times are tough and when they need strength to keep continuing on.

| TWICE/YouTube 

The song is already incredibly beautiful, and TWICE’s vocals sound heavenly, but there is something almost ethereal about Dahyun’s recent cover.

Like Dahyun’s other covers, there isn’t any fancy editing, and the idol even simply wore a comfortable outfit, which still looked adorable.

| TWICE/YouTube 

Instead, Dahyun just lets her vocals and soft piano playing stand out.

And after the short cover, she greets fans, telling them that she chose “Promise” in particular because it’s one of her favorite TWICE songs.

| TWICE/YouTube 

And she especially loved the piano parts of the song, so she was eager to replicate them.

| TWICE/YouTube 

And that Dahyun, of course, practiced the song with her fans in mind.

| TWICE/YouTube 

And her fans were incredibly touched by the unexpected beautiful cover.

| TWICE/YouTube 

They took to Twitter to express gratitude for her endless kindness and diligence in showing her love for fans.

They were proud of her seemingly boundless skills.

And how hardworking she is in creating these meaningful gifts.

They shared that they feel fortunate to support an idol who always makes them feel like their love goes both ways.

And that her covers are always an incredible blessing.

One fan even speculated that Dahyun took the time to write the Japanese subtitles in the video herself. Saying that they recognized her handwriting.

Dahyun is definitely an idol with both a genuine heart and an immense set of talents.

You can watch her cover here.

And listen to TWICE’s “Promise” here.