TWICE’s Dahyun Reunites With A Former 2nd-Gen K-Pop Idol At New York Fashion Week

Eagle-eyed netizens spot her catching up with a former labelmate!

TWICE‘s Dahyun is known for her breathtaking visuals and lively and lovable personality, earning her countless fans around the world and the attention of numerous top-name brands.

TWICE’s Dahyun | @dahhyunnee/Instagram

Dahyun frequently partners with the luxury designer Michael Kors for their global campaigns and made her New York Fashion Week debut last year when she attended the Michael Kors 2023 Spring/Summer Collection show.

She took netizens’ breath away with her beautiful, classy visuals before and during the event.

TWICE’s Dahyun at the airport on the way to New York Fashion Week in September 2022 | @dahhyunnee/Instagram

TWICE’s Dahyun with Michael Kors (right) at the “Michael Kors 2023 Spring/Summer CollectionNYFW show in September 2022 | @dahhyunnee/Instagram

Dahyun joined the New York Fashion Week fun again today, arriving in a gorgeous cut-out dress at the Michael Kors 2023 Fall/Winter Collection show.

She again stunned with her classy and elegant beauty and quickly became the main event as soon as she arrived.

Social media quickly flooded with gorgeous photos and videos of the TWICE member as netizens reacted to her appearance in real time.

As eagle-eyed fans reviewed live moments from New York, they quickly spotted Dahyun speaking with a familiar celebrity.

TWICE’s Dahyun at the “Michael Kors 2023 Spring/Summer Collection” show | @PBMedias/Twitter

Media photos showed that TWICE’s Dahyun reunited with her former labelmate and JYP Entertainment idol Fei!

Fei was a member of the popular second-generation K-Pop group Miss A, which debuted in 2010 and had an incredible rise in fame before disbanding in 2017.

Fei moved back to her home country of China in 2018 and has a successful career as a solo artist and actress.

Fei in New York | @ff0427/Instagram

While in New York, Fei also reunited with her former fellow Miss A member Min, who recently starred in the Broadway musical KPOP.

Former Miss A members Fei (left) and Min (right) | @therealminnn/Instagram

Fei has always been fond of her former junior labelmates TWICE, making the reunion even more heartwarming!

Check out her kind words for TWICE in the article below:

Former Miss A Member Fei Fondly Mentions TWICE As The Group She Has Her Eye On The Most