TWICE’s Dahyun Teaches A Sly Yet Effective Way To Get Closer To Your Boss

Department Manager Mina was very happy with her 😂

TWICE‘s Dahyun knows exactly how to get on her supervisor’s good side, and she isn’t shy to do it!

In the most recent episode of TIME TO TWICE, the girls held Season 2 of “TDOONG Entertainment,” where Mina acted as the respected Department Manager of the company.

Right after Mina entered the office for the first time that day, Dahyun wasted no time in approaching her. Her motive? To give Mina some food, of course!

Much to the interest of her fellow staff members Sana, Jihyo, and Tzuyu, Dahyun entered Mina’s office with a spring in her step and a wide smile on her face.

She told Mina, “Department Manager! It’s a great morning! This is for you.” She then handed her a green smoothie and a pack of hard boiled eggs.

Because hard boiled eggs are also called “Incredible Eggs,” Dahyun flattered Mina by relating the eggs to her “incredible” beauty.

I got this because your beauty is also incredible, Department Manager.

— Dahyun

Naturally, Mina was touched by Dahyun’s kind words and gestures.

She even patted Dahyun on the shoulder to show how much she appreciated it!

In a later interview, Dahyun revealed her secret to doing these kinds of gestures well.

Treat your supervisor well. That never goes wrong.

— Dahyun

Watch the exciting episode in the full video below!

Source: TWICE