TWICE Dispersed to Go on Vacation, Here’s Where Chaeyoung Went

She recommends that her ONCE fans go there too.

On January 16, Chaeyoung revealed where she went for her vacation on TWICE‘s official Instagram page.

The caption reads:

“I went to Jejudo for my vacation! It was great to see my family again. I went to see exhibits, saw the ocean, ate delicious food, slept in, walked around, laughed, and chatted. ONCE fans, you should go on vacation, too. I want you to be just as happy as I was.”

In one of the revealed photos, Chaeyoung can be seen admiring the Bunker de Lumières exhibit, which is currently being held in Jejudo:

In her other photos, Chaeyoung is at the beach enjoying a relaxing time:

It’s great to hear that she had a happy time.

Source: Osen