TWICE Is Just As Much A Fan Of Doja Cat As She Is Of Theirs, And We Desperately Need A Collab

Can we please get a Doja Cat remix of “The Feels?!”

There are some artists that we can only hope and dream would collaborate, and then there are others who want it just as much as the fans…

That’s the case with TWICE and Doja Cat!

TWICE in “My Feels” MV. | JYP Entertainment
Doja Cat. | David LaChapelle

TWICE recently did an interview with Vanity Fair in which the members competed in their own game show to find out just how well the members knew each other. Each member was asked a question about themselves to which they wrote down the answer. Whoever first guessed the answer correctly then gained a point, resulting in a winner at the end.

| Vanity Fair/YouTube

When it was Chaeyoung‘s turn, she was asked, “If you could collaborate with one other artist, who would it be?” 

| Vanity Fair/YouTube

All members thought they would guess the answer right away, as Chaeyoung has previously said Justin Bieber so many times. Yet, this time she wanted to change it up, shocking the others. So TWICE started guessing female artists, such as Ariana Grande.

| Vanity Fair/YouTube

It wasn’t until Sana confidentially guessed American rapper and singer-songwriter Doja Cat that Chaeyoung could turn over her card to reveal that she was totally correct! The realization came upon the others, recognizing that Chaeyoung is truly a fan!

| Vanity Fair/YouTube

Chaeyoung then used the opportunity to prove just what a fan she is and praise Doja Cat. She asked her members if they had seen Doja Cat’s reaction to their “Fancy” MV, which they all said yes to!

I’ve been a fan for a while… Have you seen her reaction to our ‘Fancy’ music video?

— Chaeyoung

| Vanity Fair/YouTube

The reaction video she’s referring to is from one of Doja Cat’s Instagram Lives. Viewers had asked her to watch TWICE, and she reacted to the group for the first time! She instantly became a fan (honestly, so relatable).

What a f*cking bop!

— Doja Cat

Since then, Chaeyoung has wanted to collaborate with Doja Cat. How iconic would a Doja Cat x TWICE collab be?

After watching that, I thought it would be so fun to collab together. She is so cute. Yeah, I love Doja Cat a lot.

— Chaeyoung

| Vanity Fair/YouTube

We hope these artists can meet one day and Chaeyoung can get her wish!

There are enough fanmade edits to let us know Doja Cat and TWICE would be a match made in heaven! Can we please get an official Doja Cat remix of “The Feels?”

Watch TWICE’s full interview with Vanity Fair below:

Source: Vanity Fair