TWICE Expresses Their Heartfelt New Year’s Message For Fans—Here’s What They Said

It was touching ❤️

The year 2020 has finally come to an end, and TWICE made sure to send their heartfelt greetings to fans. In a recently released teaser for “Time To TWICE”, they wished ONCEs the best for 2021 and individually sent their greetings.

Check them out below!

1. Sana

Sana’s greeting centered on eating a lot of good food this year.

2. Tzuyu

Tzuyu asked fans to be healthy and happy.

3. Dahyun

Dahyun also wished for fans’ happiness and good health.

Hi, it’s Dahyun. It’s 2021! I hope you’ll be healthy and happy in 2021.

4. Nayeon

Like Tzuyu and Dahyun before her, Nayeon had the same message for fans: “I hope you’ll be healthy and happy in 2021!

5. Chaeyoung

Chaeyoung, on the other hand, expressed her wish for this year to be better than the last, not forgetting to say “Fighting!” at the end.

6. Mina

Mina simply cheered on fans: “Let’s have a good year, ONCE!

7. Jihyo

Leader Jihyo energetically claimed 2021 as the year of TWICE and ONCEs.

8. Momo

Last but not the least, Momo wished for fans’ happiness and wellbeing.

Hi, it’s Momo. I hope you’ll be happy and well in 2021!

With TWICE by fans’ side, 2021 is sure to be a good year!

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Hear TWICE’s heartfelt messages in the full video below.

Source: TWICE