TWICE’s “Set Me Free” Falls Out Of Top 100 After 1 Day — Korean Netizens React

“All their recent songs aren’t that good.”

TWICE‘s latest release “Set Me Free,” the title track for their recent mini album Ready To Be, hasn’t been doing so well on some Korean charts, and here’s what Korean netizens think about it.

TWICE during “Set Me Free” promotions. | @spotifykpop/Twitter

The JYP girl group, which has now been active for almost eight years since their debut in 2015, released their newest song “Set Me Free” last Friday, March 10 at 2 PM KST. TWICE has been promoting the song in the United States for the past few days, with multiple performances and interviews in different shows lined up.

Unfortunately, it seems like the Korean chart response to the group’s latest song hasn’t been as good as fans expected. Many took to social media platforms to express their surprise at the chart rankings of different Korean streaming platforms after the song was released.

Some K-Pop fans theorized that “Set Me Free” isn’t doing as well as expected in South Korean charts due to the lack of promotions there. Others even suggested that Korean ONCEs might be boycotting the comeback as a result.

Others claimed the song must’ve not been perceived as catchy enough by the Korean public.

Just over a day after its release, the song left the top 100 of the four main listening platforms in Korea: MelOn, Genie, Bugs, and FLO. This only raised the concern and shock among netizens further.

Korean netizens have also reacted to the news of “Set Me Free” falling out of the Top 100. A post published on the popular community site TheQoo, which talked about their recent charting numbers, received over 11,000 views and hundreds of comments.

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Each commenter had their own theory on why this happened. Some simply claimed that the recent songs haven’t been good, while others blamed the group’s “frequent comebacks.” One netizen even shared they thought “Set Me Free” seems “rough and not up to par with the trends.”

  • “All their recent songs aren’t that good.”
  • “I think making frequent comebacks was at a disadvantage to them. Falling out of the chart in one day shows that there aren’t many people anticipating their new songs.”
  • “After listening to some new girl group songs and then to TWICE’s new song, you cannot help but compare. This country has high standards for K-Pop. These days, songs are high quality with smooth vocals and sounds, but TWICE’s song seems rough and not up to par with the trends.”
  • “They aren’t doing well on the charts.”
  • “All the rap parts are bad.”
  • “If they are out of the charts after a day in Korea, I don’t think any song will do well. I also think since the encore incident too.”
  • “JYP was doing great in the beginning..but I think they will still do well considering they have an overseas fandom.”
| TheQoo
Source: TheQoo
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