TWICE Fans Grow Concerned For Jeongyeon’s Condition After Spotting Her In Pain During The Latest “Inkigayo” Performance

She was wincing while doing the “Alcohol-Free” choreography.

During the latest Inkigayo performance of their summer song “Alcohol-Free,”


TWICE member Jeongyeon was spotted visibly wincing while carrying out the choreography. She then did not participate in the live interview with the show hosts — fueling the concern that she may have been in a lot of pain throughout the performance.

Early 2020, Jeongyeon had to sit out on TWICE’s activities after injuring her neck. During a live broadcast, she confessed to fans that she was actually diagnosed with a herniated disc during rehearsals for “More & More”, undergoing hospital treatment secretly.

Then, by October of 2020, she went on full hiatus after JYP Entertainment announced that she suffered “psychological anxiousness” and that she needed to undergo “professional medical measures” as well as “sufficient rest“. While unofficial, some fans believed that the neck injury could have been at play.

Jeongyeon in a neck brace.

So while TWICE fans couldn’t be happier to see Jeongyeon give off that gorgeous summer queen vibe as she promoted “Alcohol-Free” with the group…

Jeongyeon for “Alcohol-Free.” | @JYPETWICE/Twitter

… they also can’t help but grow more worried and brokenhearted over seeing her in pain. Some are demanding that Jeongyeon takes more time off to recover — even criticizing JYP Entertainment for not putting her health first. Others are simply rooting for Jeongyeon, knowing that it is likely her own will and desire to perform despite the unfortunate condition.

| theqoo

  • “I’m going to keep rooting for Jeongyeon because I know she’s the one who probably wanted to go on stage. I can only hope that she stays safe and healthy throughout the promotion.”
  • “Jeongyeon has a herniated neck disc?! Then the dancing is going to make it really hard on her body.”
  • “Why did JYP Entertainment let her return with the group if she’s not completely well?”
  • “Herniated discs make you feel like sh*t. You can’t possibly think of anything else. Moving your body in the slightest way hurts. It makes you wonder if you’ll have to be in so much pain for the rest of your life. I know how that feels, so I’m heartbroken. I really, really hope she takes care of herself first and recovers.”
  • “Can’t they arrange the choreography differently for her? She can sit out the parts she needs to. Just help her so that she can finish promoting without hurting herself anymore. Rooting for you, Jeongyeon.”
  • “Thank you, Jeongyeon, for always trying to put in your best.”

Neither Jeongyeon nor JYP Entertainment is yet to respond to the concerned fans.

Watch her Inkigayo performance here.

Source: THEQOO