TWICE’s Success Story As Asia’s Top Girl Group To Be Featured In K-Pop Children Book Series

TWICE will be featured in a book!

Who? K-Pop series is a children’s book that talks about K-Pop’s representative groups that made Korea’s cultural advance in the world. TWICE’s story on their success will be featured in this book.




The synopsis for the book reads,

Nine girls, who came together for one dream, have become the top K-Pop girl group! With the start of their debut song, “OOH-AHH,” they have written history with 11 hit songs! They reached the top just one year after debut and became the first K-Pop girl group to hold a Japan Dome tour.





Taking a look at snippets from the book, it shows the story of how TWICE came to be, starting from when they were trainees to their debut as SIXTEEN.









Other fun snippets of TWICE during their mini fan meetings and appearing on JTBC‘s Knowing Bros can also be seen in the book.




Information about global audition programs as well as history about some of K-Pop’s hottest girl groups of all time are also included in the book.



Fans are excited for the release of the book.









Who? K-Pop TWICE will release on November 20 KST.

Source: theqoo