TWICE’s “The Feels” Hypes Up Crowd At Presidential Campaign Rally In The Philippines

Turns out TWICE’s music makes a great presidential campaign soundtrack!

TWICE‘s music is the best soundtrack for all occasions, even presidential campaign rallies!


The Philippines will elect its president on May 9, 2022, and the candidates have been holding campaign rallies leading up to the election date. The front-running candidates are Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. (the son of former president and dictator Ferdinand Marcos), Leni Robredo (current vice president), and boxer Manny Pacquaio. Sara Duterte, the daughter of current president Rodrigo Duterte, is Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.’s running mate, and she is running for vice president.

Leni Robredo | Reuters

On March 11, Leni Robredo and her runningmate, Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan, held a rally in Bacolod City. The rally reportedly drew in a crowd of approximately 70,000 people.

Aerial photo of the crowd at the Bacolod City rally | Team Kiko/Jimmy Dasal

Before the rally began, the staff ran a soundcheck on the equipment. During soundcheck, “The Feels” was blasting over the speaker system, and the crowd danced and sang along to the song.

| @tzujuliee/Twitter

Fans were so happy to hear that “The Feels” was played before the presidential rally. A few ONCEs were even in the crowd at the rally!

A fan previously gave Leni Robredo a Nayeon photo card around March 7, and the presidential candidate seemed genuinely excited to receive the photo card as a gift.

| @tzujuliee/Twitter

Later, TWICE’s “Fancy” played at another Leni Robredo campaign rally. This rally was held in Pasig on March 20, and it reportedly drew a crowd of approximately 180,000 people.

Source: Manila Bulletin, BBC and Inquirer