TWICE Becomes First Foreign Female Artist To Earn Platinum Streaming Certification In Japan And More

Congratulations on another milestone girls!

TWICE continues to make history for K-Pop, especially in Japan!

Last year, the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) created a new certification system for online streaming, as an addition to its certification systems for physical album sales and digital download sales. According to the new system, songs become certified silver once they reach 30 million streams, gold at 50 million streams, and platinum at 100 million streams.


In its latest list of certifications (from March 2021), the RIAJ officially awarded TWICE’s 2019 track “Feel Special,” a platinum certification in the streaming category after the song reached over 100 million streams. Although TWICE has about 14 RIAJ certified songs for streaming, “Feel Special” is their first song ever to receive a platinum certification for streaming.

“Feel Special” is also the first song by any foreign female artist to receive a platinum certification for streaming in RIAJ history. It is also only the second song by a K-pop artist to achieve the certification, with the first being BTS’s “Dynamite.”


(Note: The Japanese title between BLACKPINK and MAMAMOO is “Blueberry Nights” by Macaroni Enpitsu.)

As for other artists, MAMAMOO earned their first gold streaming certification for “HIP,” while BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love” and BTS’s “Your Eyes Tell” also achieved gold.


As for silver certifications, BTS’s B-sides “Euphoria” and “Anpanman” achieved this feat, as well as SHAUN’s “Way Back Home.”

Congratulations everyone!

Source: RIAJ and Image