TWICE Get Hilariously Real About How Much Time They Actually Like To Spend Together

They are too honest ๐Ÿ˜‚

The members of TWICE are definitely besties, but they recently spilled on how much time they actually like to spend together and they couldn’t have been more hilariously real.


As TWICE begin promotions for “Talk that Talk,” they made an appearance in Human Idol Theater. The members played games and ate food together, showing off their wholesome bestie energy.

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As they ate, Chaeyoung commented that it had been a long time since the members had eaten together. The comment took the others by surprise. Jihyo hilariously replied, “We met like two days ago,” leaving Chaeyoung amusingly confused.

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They teased her about it, saying, “You missed us, right?” And of course, Chaeyoung adorably replied with, “Yes!”

As a result, in the “interview” portion of the episode the members were asked how often they really meet. Nayeon hilariously replied, “We only meet when we work.”

But of course, that’s not exactly a little amount. Hearing Nayeon’s comment, Jihyo replied, “But we work every day.”

TWICE have always had the cutest friendship, and one can tell just by looking at how comfortable they are with each other.

Considering how much success the group has seen, it’s clear that they really do enjoy the time they spend together!

Watch the whole clip on the link below.

Source: YouTube