TWICE Reveals Their Savage Side By Turning Gift Giving Into A “Loving” Roast Of Jihyo

Momo and Nayeon make such a good comedic duo!

TWICE has wrapped up their season of “TIME TO TWICE” TDOONG Forest and as part of its end, they decided to make good on their promises from the previous season. This includes giving gifts to both Dahyun and Jihyo.

“Will you not give a present to [Dahyun]?” “No!” “Will you give [Jihyo] a present during the next T.T.T?” “Yes!” | TWICE/YouTube 
Dahyun went first receiving very sweet gifts (and lots of chocolate) from her members.

(A box of chocolate for Dahyun) | TWICE/YouTube 

When it was Jihyo’s turn, she first received a set of soju glasses from Sana that only came with a slight roast as Sana explained that she thought of Jihyo when she saw the beverage wear.

“Aurora Soju glass to make you relax at the end of the day. It’s gorgeous!” | TWICE/YouTube 

The next gift came from Dahyun and this is where the true roast began. Dahyun presented her gift with the purest intentions, giving Jihyo a body cleanser set.

(Open it!) | TWICE/YouTube 

Nayeon began the roast softly by saying it was “for Jihyo’s clean body.” Momo put her quick wit to use by saying that Dahyun was “saying that you smell” which prompted a fit of giggles.

“She’s saying that you smell.” | TWICE/YouTube 

Dahyun was quick explain that she got it for Jihyo’s dry skin which touched Jihyo.

“And Jihyo unnie said she has dry skin.” “You remembered.” | TWICE/YouTube 

Chaeyoung gifted Jihyo a small tea cup next and Nayeon decided she wanted to step up her jokes. “It means calm down” she quickly added after Jihyo had opened the gift which lead to another round of laughter. Nayeon even ended by saying “I love the meaning.”

“So cute!” “It means calm down.” | TWICE/YouTube 

With the tea cup came a small plate for it to sit on. This is where the comedy duo of Momo and Nayeon honed their craft with Nayeon setting the joke up. “It’s good for those who diet” served Nayeon before Momo volleyed with the retort “So you don’t overeat.”

“It’s good for those who diet”So you don’t overeat.” | TWICE/YouTube

It was then joked that “The little sisters are thinking about you so much!”

The little sisters are thinking about you so much!”| TWICE/YouTube 

Gifting last was Nayeon. She hyped her gift up by saying it she’d “bought it a long time ago and it came from overseas.”

“Scented candle?” | TWICE/YouTube 

She then revealed it was a scented candle which roast master Momo was ready to turn into a joke. “Jihyo’s room smells, so…” Momo said as the table burst into laughter.

“Jihyo’s room smells, so…” | TWICE/YouTube 

While Jihyo seemed a bit jokingly hurt at first, she revealed her sense of humor at the end by exclaiming “I won’t stink anymore.”

“I won’t stink anymore.” | TWICE/YouTube 

We love TWICE’s sisterly relationship and their willingness to joke around with each other. What’s your favorite savage TWICE moment? Let us know and to check out the last episode of “TIME TO TWICE” TDOONG Forest check out the video below.


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