TWICE, IZ*ONE, BTS, and NCT 127 Chosen By Industry Experts as the K-Pop Groups Most Likely To Have a Successful 2019

Do you think these predictions will come true?

We’re barely a few days into 2019, and already people are predicting who will have the best year!

Korean publication News1 posted a recent article stating that they had conducted a survey regarding who in K-pop would likely have the most successful 2019 – giving the survey to industry insiders, music producers, and other people active in the field.

After the votes were tallied, the top four artists were (in random order):

  • BTS
  • IZ*ONE
  • NCT 127

Based on the voters’ reasoning, one of the main reasons why these specific groups were chosen was because they were going to be heavily active in both Japan and Korea throughout 2019.

While granted, most groups could easily fall under that same criteria, some other voters expanded on other reasons behind their votes.

For example, News1 cites that voters likely took the following into account when filling out the survey:

  • NCT 127 had their first placement on the Billboard charts last year, and had various Western media appearances in growing their brand overseas.
  • IZ*ONE is beginning their first full length Japan activities (which has major hype due to Aki-P and Produce 48) after a recording breaking Korean debut.
  • TWICE has been having consistent success and has a lack of current competition along with plans for an “overseas expansion.”
  • BTS are now considered “world superstars” due to their domination in the Western part of the world.

Whether these predictions turn out to be true remains to be seen, but we’re definitely looking forward to new music from all our favorite artists!

Source: News1