TWICE Confirmed To Appear On Japan’s “Kohaku”, First K-Pop Girl Group To Be Invited Two Consecutive Years

TWICE is the first K-Pop girl group to be invited twice.

NHK has confirmed that TWICE will be appearing on this year’s Kohaku Uta Gassen, making them the first K-Pop girl group to be invited to the show for two consecutive years.

Kohaku Uta Gassen, also known as NHK Red and White Song BattleI, is NHK’s annual New Year’s Eve program that is broadcast live on television and radio. The show features the most popular artists who are divided into the “red team (female)” and “white team (male)”. At the end of the show, the judges and the audience get to choose which team performed better through votes.


NHK’s Kohaku Uta Gassen has announced the line-up for this year’s program through a Twitter post and according to the post, TWICE has been included in the “red team” along with Daoko, Tendo Yoshimi, Nishino Kana and more.


TWICE had appeared on 2017’s Kohaku Uta Gassen. It was the first time a Korean artist was invited to the program in 6 years since KARA, TVXQ and Girls’ Generation appeared on the show in 2011.


Now, with their second invitation to the program, they have officially become the first K-Pop girl group to appear on the show for 2 consecutive years.


The Japanese media previously predicted that Korean artists may be excluded in the line-up for Kohaku Uta Gassen due to rising tensions between Korea and Japan.

TWICE And BTS May Not Be Able To Appear On Japanese Program Due To Korea-Japan Relations


Much to fans’ relief, it seems like TWICE will be included in the program after all! In the meantime, check out TWICE’s legendary performance from last year’s Kohaku Uta Gassen below!

Source: Osen