TWICE and Jeon Somi Unexpectedly Met At The Airport And Show That They’re As Close As Ever

Old friends reunited at last!

Fans of TWICE and Jeon Somi were in for an unexpected treat when the two artists ran into each other at the airport!

On October 22, TWICE were at Incheon International Airport to fly out to Sapporo for the Japan leg of their TWICELIGHTS tour.

At the same time, Jeon Somi was headed to the Chuuk Islands in the Western Pacific Ocean along with her father Matthew Douma to shoot for Law of the Jungle.

When Somi and TWICE members Jihyo, Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung saw each other, they immediately broke into wide smiles and ran over to hug one another.


Somi and Chaeyoung, who have been known to be very close to one another since their SIXTEEN days, also snapped selfies together and Somi later uploaded it to her Instagram story:


Fans have been loving this interaction among old friends, and are cheering both TWICE and Somi on for their individual activities!


What did you think of their interaction?