TWICE’s Jeongyeon Burst Into Tears in the Middle of a Radio Show

Jeongyeon began crying on a live radio program, causing fans to get worried.

The TWICE members recently appeared on the radio program Cultwo Show to promote their new song where Jeongyeon showed a soft side that broke fans’ hearts.


Jeongyeon, who is usually bright and outgoing, continued to have a blank expression on her face during the broadcast.


Even as she demonstrated TWICE’s new point dance along with the other members, her expression continued to remain dark.


Jeongyeon suddenly started sniffling and then began to softly cry. After hearing her sniff, the other members immediately became worried.


Being the caring leader that she is, Jihyo asked Nayeon to give Jeongyeon a tissue.


Fans watching the program started to get worried and had the hosts ask Jeongyeon what was wrong.

“One of the viewers is asking, ‘Jeongyeon, are you sick? Why are you crying?'” ㅡ Radio Host


Nayeon explained that Jeongyeon hadn’t been feeling very well since that morning, but Jeongyeon tried her best to smile and said that she was okay.


The hosts added that fans were saying it was because Jeongyeon’s pet was ill. Jeongyeon is known to raise two dogs and a cat, who even have their own Instagram page.

Her Pomeranian named Bbosong is apparently feeling ill.


A new post was uploaded on the account that was captioned “Bbosong…let’s be healthy! Jeongyeon unnie is sad”.

Fans assume that Jeongyeon’s older sister, Gong Seung Yeon, had uploaded the post.


Bbosong was apparently filled with gas along with a high fever and couldn’t even move. Luckily, Jeongyeon’s cute puppy is seemingly recovering and has been discharged from the vet.


Worried for her puppy, Jeongyeon eventually burst into tears as soon as the radio went on a break and left the studio to pull herself together.


Jeongyeon looked much better once she returned and finished the program with a smile on her face.


Fans continue to wish her puppy a fast and full recovery!

  • “Bbosong get well soon💛”
  • “Get well soon bbosong! Always stay healthy, everyone too! Please be healthy and happy 🙏💕”
  • “bbosongiee fighting!! get well soon 💪”
  • “Sending love and light to you guys and bbosong ❤”
  • “Get well soon bbosong… We love you the same way your omma love u”
  • “Get well soon baby. Be strong for yoo family. Hwaiting baby ❤❤❤❤❤”
  • “Bbosong Fighting!! ❤❤”