TWICE’s Jeongyeon Cried About Their Crazy Work Schedule

TWICE is so hardworking!

Jeongyeon cried while thinking about the hardworking TWICE members.

On the 19th of last month, TWICE revealed their daily lives through VLIVE.

The footage showed Jeongyeon during TWICE’s Japanese arena tour that took place from the end of September to middle of October.

In the footage, Jeongyeon went shopping for her fellow members’ presents with her sister and actress, Gong Seung Yeon.

After that, she explained why she bought them presents in a private practice room.

Jeongyeon shed tears as she said, “They all worked really hard, and they’re the ones who gave me strength.”

She then went on to say that the members were having a hard time because of their busy schedules.

She said, “We’re in the middle of a Japanese arena tour, but when we go back to Korea, we have to film a Korean comeback music video, take album photos, as well as many other things.”

Jeongyeon teared up and said, “I want to give them strength, but I’m not able to, which I’m sorry about, and I want to always smile in front of our fans, but it’s hard to hide my hardship, and I’m sorry about that as well.”

She also revealed the reason why she felt sorry to her fellow members.

She said, “When we were filming a music video, I proposed filming a choreography video for our fans, but that gave my fellow members a hard time, and I’m really sorry about that.”

Jeongyeon couldn’t help but cry while thinking about her fellow members.

But she still didn’t forget to promote their new song by singing “Yes or Yes”.

When the tearful footage was released, the other TWICE members provided feedback via social media.

Chaeyoung said, “Why are you crying? You’re breaking my heart. I love you and thank you. I love you, TWICE and ONCE. Let’s stay healthy and keep going. I love you.”

Sana said, “You’re crying, sending out messages, and promoting “Yes or Yes” at the same time. You shouldn’t be crying at this hour. Thank you, Jeongyeon, and I love you, TWICE. If anyone has swollen eyes tomorrow, it’s all Jeongyeon’s fault.”


Source: Insight