TWICE Fans Think Jeongyeon Is Looking Happier And Healthier Than Ever With New Hobbies

She’s glowing in these photos!

Fans of TWICE have been concerned about Jeongyeon for quite some time, especially since she had to start taking hiatuses from the group in 2020 due to an ongoing neck injury. In the following months, she also developed an anxiety disorder that led to further absence from group activities, leading to even more worries from fans about her health and well-being.

Jeongyeon (TWICE)

Thankfully in more recent times as she’s become active with TWICE again, Jeongyeon’s mental and physical health seem to be improving, at least from what fans can tell. There were some concerns that she was working herself too hard in order to take part in the group’s world tour last year, but she seems to have made it through without any serious problems!

| JYP Entertainment

And now, there is evidence that Jeongyeon is happier and healthier than ever and enjoying some exciting new hobbies outside of her idol career.

Recently, a friend or acquaintance of Jeongyeon’s shared photos on their social media featuring the TWICE member holding a tennis racket.

Jeongyeon (TWICE) with friends at tennis

She looks gorgeous with a bare face in the pictures, especially with her glowing smile!

And tennis doesn’t seem to be the only hobby she’s been taking part in recently. Back in November, Jeongyeon posted a series of photos on her personal Instagram account showing the idol taking part in surfing along with fellow member Jihyo, and she seems to be having a blast!

Jihyo and Jeongyeon surfing | @jy_piece/Instagram
| @jy_piece/Instagram
| @jy_piece/Instagram

Fans are loving how genuinely happy Jeongyeon has been appearing in these kinds of activities, and so are we!

| @jy_piece/Instagram
  • “She’s learning surf and tennis and nowadays, Yoo Jeongyeon is full of hobbies nowadays”
  • “Jeongyeon has always been f*cking good at managing herself… It broke my heart seeing the antis hating on her because she gained weight for being sick ㅠㅠ”
  • “I just want her to be happy, she seems to be really enjoying all those new hobbies (‘:”
  • “I want her to be HAPPY and HEALTHY. Idc how she looks outside, I want her to be TRULY good in the inside”
  • “A happy and healthy Jeongyeon this 2023- onwards!! One of the idols I’m really cheering on since day 1! Proud of her 🥺”
  • “I’m just happy to see her enjoying her life! All of TWICE deserve that, they had it so hard”
  • “Medication-induced weight gain is the worst kind to lose and can really destroy your confidence, kudos to Jeongyeon for dealing with it on her own terms”
  • “I hope she’s all good she’s such a cool idol and seems super friendly and genuine”

We hope that 2023 turns out to be an incredible year for Jeongyeon!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa


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