TWICE’s Jeongyeon Is The Ultimate Girl Crush In BTS Of Individual “Esquire” Photoshoot

Each outfit on her is perfection ๐Ÿ˜

TWICE‘s Jeongyeon had her first solo photoshoot in several years for the July 2021 issue ofย Esquire, and she killed each and every shot!

In a behind the scenes video from the day of the shoot, she took fans through her different outfits.

The first outfit consisted of an oversized blazer with a white choker top.

The way she exposed one of her shoulders as she posed for the camera was too hot to handle!

Next, she wore a black and navy top with a seatbelt-like belt cinched high on her waist.

It was a stark contrast to the first set of clothes but no less as chic.

She was then spotted rocking a gray sweater dress, which emphasized her beautiful figure.

It looks cute and comfy, but it doesn’t lag behind in terms of stylishness!

According to Jeongyeon, her favorite outfit of the day was a monochromatic suit.

I love all the outfits for this photoshoot, but my favorite is the suit! It really suits my style.

โ€” Jeongyeon

Its sleek, modern design complemented her cool image perfectly.

The following outfit was arguably the most adventurous of the bunch.

The plain blouse was made more interesting with the addition of a one-shouldered pantsuit.

Ending the behind the scenes video, Jeongyeon looked ethereal in a white off shoulder dress.

If there were angels on earth, she would be one of them!

Don’t miss out on a single frame by watching the full video below.

Source: TWICE