TWICE’s Jeongyeon Reveals Which Girl Group Tzuyu Is Loving Most

Tzuyu “dances and sings” to the group’s songs all the time.

During TWICE‘s Jeongyeon‘s sit-down with ESQUIRE Korea magazine, she shared a funny memory about Tzuyu that proved she was a major fan of a senior girl group.

Tzuyu and Jeongyeon. | JYPnation/Naver

When the magazine asked Jeongyeon for her a recent moment that left her laughing the hardest, she thought of the youngest member.

She revealed, “Tzuyu is so into OH MY GIRL‘s music these days.” Jeongyeon provided an example of how Tzuyu shows her excitement for the group. She added, “She dances and sings to those,” before sharing a funny moment that came from it.

Tzuyu’s dance moves sparked enjoyment for a funny reason. Jeongyeon said, “But she is so tall that it looks weird and funny.

Jeongyeon wasn’t the only member that enjoyed Tzuyu’s dedication to nailing OH MY GIRL’s choreography. Jeongyeon expressed how they all reacted, “We laughed so bad that day.

It looks like Tzuyu is such a big OH MY GIRL fan that she’s all about having fun with their music and dances—no matter who’s watching OR how it looks.

| JYPnation/Naver

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