TWICE’s Jeongyeon Made a Huge Impact on Famous Choreographer Lia KIM, Here’s Why

We’re so impressed by Jeongyeon’s efforts!

During an interview with Arirang for their “The INTERVIEW” segment, famous choreographer Lia KIM talked about her experiences when she used to train idols, and mentioned TWICE’s Jeongyeon in an unexpected way!

During the interview, Lia KIM was asked if she had a specific memory or experience with an idol that has stayed with her. After a moment, Lia KIM stated that her time working with Jeongyeon prior to TWICE’s debut was a moment in time that she reflects on.

Lia KIM mentioned that out of all the TWICE members, Jeongyeon always seemed to have the most trouble staying in sync when doing choreography – as she was always a second or two behind everyone else.

Lia KIM admitted that it was for this reason that she was the hardest on Jeongyeon during practices – constantly reprimanding her until Jeongyeon would finally get the choreography right.

But Lia KIM said that she now feels proud when she see Jeongyeon on stage because she sees how much Jeongyeon has improved as a dancer. Lia KIM also commended Jeongyeon for really putting in the effort to constantly improve and to make sure her dancing is on point.

Lia KIM ended this portion of the interview by saying that perhaps Jeongyeon was one of the idols who came to her mind when thinking about the question was because “those [idols] who struggle [but then improve] tend to stay with you more.”

We’re sure Jeongyeon is pleased that all her efforts in becoming an amazing dancer have paid off!