TWICE Fans Call Out JYP Entertainment For Alleged Mistreatment Of Jeongyeon

“I hope people realize when we say we want more … for Jeongyeon, we don’t mean take stuff from the members, we mean add more to the videos and songs…”

TWICE recently made their comeback with “Set Me Free,” and fans have loved the styling, concept, and song.


But despite how much they’re enjoying the concept, some fans are pointing out JYP Entertainment‘s alleged mistreatment of Jeongyeon.

TWICE’s Jeongyeon | @SpotifyKpop/Twitter

One fan pointed out that in the Ready To Be album, Jeongyeon is seventh in line distribution, despite being one of the group’s lead vocalists.

“Ready To Be” album total line distribution

You can read more about the exact line distribution here.

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But not only did fans voice concern with the line distribution, but they also pointed out how, while the “Set Me Free” teaser focused on a concept Jeongyeon had suggested for years, the teaser didn’t give Jeongyeon as much screen time as fans believe would have been fair.

And the “Set Me Free” music video also did not showcase Jeongyeon as much as the rest of the members.

Similarly, fans are perhaps most frustrated by the ARMNHMR remix of “Set Me Free,” which initially excluded any of Jeongyeon’s lines, causing fans to boycott the remix.

However, this has since been corrected, and the remix now includes Jeongyeon’s lines. Which while fans are glad that her lines have been added to the song, they believe it is the “bare minimum” especially since JYP Entertainment had officially shared the original version of the remix.

Many fans are pointing out how Jeongyeon has received similar treatment from JYP Entertainment since TWICE’s debut.

And are demanding better treatment.

You can read the full thread of fans’ recent concerns here.