TWICE’s Jeongyeon Gave The TWICE Members This Expensive Anniversary Gift, And They’re Loving It

Jeongyeon is an angel.

TWICE’s Jeongyeon prepared a special gift for her members in celebration of their 3rd anniversary and it seems like the members are loving it.


On a recent episode of TWICE TV, Jeongyeon went shopping with her sister and actress, Gong Seung Yeon, to buy an anniversary gift for her members, who were going through a tough time with their busy schedules.


What Jeongyeon selected at first was a simple yet beautiful silver necklace, which she thought would be the perfect gift that could match any outfit the members wear.


She also contemplated a black-colored version of the same necklace.


And although Jeongyeon really liked the necklaces, she confessed that they were a little too pricey. In fact, the black necklace she preferred was even more expensive than the silver one so she ultimately decided to visit one more place before making a decision.

“It’s too expensive. If it’s for my members, I can buy it but the one I wanted to buy was the black one but the black is about two times more expensive than the silver. So, I’ll have to give up on the black and go look at other places first.”

ㅡ Jeongyeon


Jeongyeon’s contemplation continued at their next destination where they took a look at some more necklaces and even rings.


So what did she end up deciding on? She ended up buying the black necklace she gave up on because they were a little too expensive! In fact, she bought a ten of these expensive necklaces! One was a surprise gift for her sister who seemed to really like them too.


The necklace is made by a brand called Lume and they apparently cost 580,000 KRW ($515 USD) each, meaning she spent a total of 58,000,000 KRW ($5,160 USD) on the gifts!


It seems that the expensive price tag was well worth it, however, as all the members seem to be extremely happy with their present. Sana had a huge small on her face as Jeongyeon helped her put the necklace on…


Jihyo showed off her new matching necklace to fans and thanked Jeongyeon in a video…


Momo showed off hers through selfies with the gorgeous piece of jewelry…


Nayeon also made sure to let everyone know that she had one too!


Moreover, the members were seen on multiple occasions wearing the meaningful necklace they received from Jeongyeon.


Jeongyeon is truly an angel!

Source: V Live