TWICE Fans Have Been Waiting For Any Sign Of Jeongyeon’s “Melody Project,” Here’s Why There’s No Spoiler

She talked about the status of her melody project!

TWICE has been showing their various talents to their fans through their musical “projects”, which are either vocal-focused (melody projects) or dance-oriented (performance projects)! The melody projects began in 2016 with Mina, and over the years, the members each released their own song covers in their own styles!

Some members have released multiple melody projects like Jihyo, whose recent release was a cover of Camila Cabello‘s “Crown” with accompanying choreography, where she pulled off a vocal and dance project in one…

…while other members like Momo released a purely dance-based performance, and killed it!

And now, as the only TWICE member to not have released a melody project, Jeongyeon talked about the status of her own melody project! In an interview with Esquire Korea, Jeongyeon was asked about TWICE’s melody projects, and was asked to share a spoiler of her own!

Is there any spoiler for Jeongyeon’s melody project?

Jeongyeon first explained what the melody projects are, and talked about how fans must have been waiting for hers since most of the members have released theirs already.

The melody project is one where we cover songs. Most of the members have done it but I haven’t yet. Fans must be waiting for it.


She then revealed that as she had not prepared a melody project, she regrettably had no spoiler to give!

Since I didn’t participate in the melody project, there is no spoiler!


Fans are definitely looking forward to her melody project one day, because they’re sure she’s going to deliver a top-notch quality performance!

You can watch her talk about it here!