TWICE’s Jeongyeon Was Included In “TDOONG Entertainment” In The Most Genius Way

The staff went all out 😂

TWICE‘s Jeongyeon has yet to fully join all group activities, so she was indirectly included in this week’s episode of “TDOONG Entertainment.” The way she was added can be described as extremely creative!

In the episode, Jeongyeon played the role of the company’s soon to debut solo artist. Even if she wasn’t present physically, she was still there in spirit.

Hilariously, the staff of the show made sure to go all out by bringing two cut-outs of Jeongyeon!

They organized the cut-outs inside the meeting room to make it appear as if she was present with the rest of TWICE.

Meanwhile, the rest of the members held a meeting to come up with ideas for the debut. Department Manager Mina announced that they needed to decide on Jeongyeon’s stage name and logo.

Time for an official announcement. Our new artist, Yoo Jeongyeon, still needs a stage name and logo. So this meeting is to gather some ideas. We always have great ideas.

— Mina

After Mina’s announcement, they brain stormed stage names…


…and overall concepts.

With ideas as creative as theirs, solo artist Yoo Jeongyeon is sure to make a successful debut! Check out the fun episode below.

Source: TWICE