TWICE’s Jihyo Almost Asked To Abolish The Leadership Role During Contract Renewals

Her thoughtfulness proves why she is such a great leader.

Earlier today, the newest episode of TWICE‘s “2TWICE’s DATE” series came out, with the pairing of the “date” made up of leader Jihyo and Chaeyoung.

Chaeyoung & Jihyo (TWICE)

Like with other episodes of this series, the two members took the opportunity to chat with each other about both silly and more serious topics, and one of the conversations they had was regarding Jihyo’s position as the leader of TWICE and how she almost asked to quit.

While it’s not as common for K-Pop groups to have definitive positions for their members like the leadership role anymore — or if anything, the role of leader can seem like just a title more than anything else — Jihyo is one of those leaders in K-Pop that seems to have been mandatory for TWICE to be as successful as they have been. Fans have expressed a lot of awe and admiration for Jihyo’s leadership abilities, and to learn that she was struggling enough with the role to consider quitting is a shock to many.


During the conversation, she brings up the burden and stress that comes with the role as being one of the reasons she considered asking for the leadership position to be removed.

Another reason she worried about her role as the leader had to do with trying to balance the needs and wants of the members with her own. When it comes to meetings with the rest of TWICE, she mentioned how she tries to make sure everyone is heard and that she keeps an open mind to their opinions, while also making sure her own ideas don’t dominate the discussion.

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Hearing her speak, it’s clear to see that this was a long and difficult process for her to consider, and in the end, it seems that Jihyo realized that there are still many benefits to her being TWICE’s leader that outweigh the downsides.

Fans are responding to the clip with comments that show just how much more respect and admiration they have for Jihyo after she opened up about this inner conflict.

A Reddit post about the clip also had similar sentiments from more ONCEs.





You can watch the whole episode of Jihyo and Chaeyoung’s “2TWICE’s DATE” here:

Source: Reddit


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