TWICE Jihyo’s Competitive Nature Can Never Be Held Back, Not Even Against Herself

Your biggest competition is not others, but yourself.

In a recent editorial with 1st Look, TWICE‘s Jihyo lived out her Marvel Universe dreams, embodying the concept for her favorite Marvel character’s upcoming movie, Thor: Love And Thunder.

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During the interview after the shoot, one of the questions for Jihyo was whether she preferred active or calm exercises.

Falling asleep while exercising ruins the point, so it makes sense why Jihyo finds going to the gym more interesting. And Jihyo’s last comment about exercising is totally relatable.

Still, it’s her consistent mindset of discipline and hard work that has led to amazing results, both with working out and performing.

And it all starts with the burning competitiveness that drives her to win no matter who she’s up against, even herself.

Jihyo’s strong and steadfast mentality is the reason why she’s grown so much as an artist and as a person, overcoming many trials and achieving many victories as she and the rest of TWICE head straight for the top.

You can watch the full interview here:

And here’s a compilation of Jihyo’s competitive spirit bursting out while playing games with TWICE, because why not?


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