TWICE’s Jihyo Defends The “Difficult To Understand” Relationship Between K-Pop Idols And Their Fans

Some don’t know why fans support idols they’ve never even met.

Some K-Pop fans may have experienced being on the receiving end of judgment from non-fans—people who can’t understand why they feel such a deep connection to idols.

In a message to ONCEs, TWICE‘s Jihyo opened up about the topic. She personally sees the relationship between idols and their fans as something special, precious, and extraordinary.

This is something I’ve said before, but I really think that the relationship between a singer and a fan is really special and precious. It’s really extraordinary.

— Jihyo

Non-fans may have a difficult time grasping how it’s possible to like people they have never met in person. Jihyo, however, likes to think of it as a miracle. She finds it amazing that fans appreciate and support them in spite of it all.

For some, it might not be easy to understand. We don’t know each other in person, you know? But you appreciate our art and support us regardless of physical distance. It’s almost miraculous that we are so deeply connected through a medium called music.

— Jihyo

Concluding her thoughts, Jihyo thanked fans for liking TWICE. “It’s just so extraordinary, and I am that much more grateful.

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Source: YouTube