Netizens Think TWICE’s Jihyo Was Done Dirty With Poor Hairstyling And “Bad” Extensions

Luckily, Jihyo’s stage presence more than distracts from it!

Although TWICE‘s Jihyo is undeniably beautiful, netizens have hit back at the group’s hairstylist after the idol was done dirty with her recent extensions.

TWICE’s Jihyo | @_zyozyo/Instagram

Since debuting, Jihyo has always been one of the hottest idols and has never ceased to amaze fans with her beautiful visuals, amazing talent, and charismatic personality. As the leader of TWICE, she is always a true icon for both the members and fans of the group.

| @_zyozyo/Instagram
| @_zyozyo/Instagram
| @_zyozyo/Instagram

It’s been no exception while the group is currently on a world tour. During each stop, Jihyo has been gaining attention and basically stealing the hearts of ONCEs worldwide with her amazing performance, stage presence, and beauty.

Yet, netizens have hit back at Jihyo’s stylists after seeing the condition of the idol’s hair during recent shows.

During the shows, Jihyo’s hair seems to look flawless in a new silver tone. On stage, it stands out and makes her look even more gorgeous…

Until netizens look closely. On social media, a video that has been watched over 800,000 times shows Jihyo’s extensions and the very obvious layers where they hadn’t been blended.

When the video was shared, it quickly gained attention, with one passionate netizen even joking that the stylist should be arrested. They pointed out that even though Jihyo has the best stage presence, the poor styling of her hair couldn’t be missed.

Even on TikTok, the unfortunate hairstyling of Jihyo gained a lot of attention from fans. In the comments, fans couldn’t help but hit back at the style, claiming that they had ruined the idol’s look and that if it was done properly, it would’ve been the perfect look for Jihyo.

While none of the negative comments are aimed at Jihyo, many believe a veteran girl group like TWICE deserves stylists who can properly do their job. Although netizens joked that people were distracted by Jihyo’s presence to notice the hair, it shouldn’t have been an issue to start with.