TWICE’s Jihyo Reveals A Highlighted Feature Of Hers That She Also Flaunted During “Fancy”

You won’t be able to unsee her without them now!

TWICE‘s Jihyo is a gorgeous beauty, known for her big eyes and a bright smile! While most fans are familiar with her incredible features, Jihyo recently talked about a facial feature of hers that many probably don’t know about, and shared how she’s highlighting it for their “Alcohol-Free” era!

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TWICE recently uploaded a behind-the-scenes video of the jacket shoot of their album, and each of the members also gave their thoughts on the concept and styling of this comeback!

When it was Jihyo’s turn, she spoke fondly about the concept of the shoot, likening it to “taking a summer vacation”!

The concept for today’s shooting is as if we’re on a summer holiday and partying together on a beach.


Jihyo then revealed that she actually has two beauty marks on her right cheek that are pretty faint, but had them accentuated with makeup because she thought it perfectly fit the styling for this era!

I have two beauty marks that are pretty faint right here. I accentuated them in “Fancy”, and I thought it would be fun to do it again this time. So I suggested to the makeup artist, ‘Shall we make them more visible this time?’, and we decided to go ahead [with it].


Jihyo looks amazing no matter the era, and these beauty marks just add to her queen visuals!

TWICE made their comeback with their 10th mini-album Taste Of Love, and the accompanying title track “Alcohol-Free”.

Watch the MV for it here!

Source: Youtube


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