Jihyo’s Wish Comes True As TWICE And IVE Have The Cutest Interactions At Music Bank

What’s better, IVETWICE or TWICEIVE?

When TWICE‘s Jihyo and Sana guested on Red Velvet Wendy‘s radio show, Wendy’s Youngstreet, Jihyo mentioned that out of all their junior groups, she wanted to get close to IVE.

What TWICE want, they get, and only a few days later, TWICE and IVE had an interview together for Music Bank as the first place nominees. In their speeches about how they felt about being nominated, Jihyo couldn’t hold herself back from complimenting the girls, and Yujin couldn’t stop smiling as she responded on behalf of IVE, saying it was an honor to be nominated alongside TWICE.

| KBS Kpop/YouTube

Jihyo’s smile was huge as she made a heart with Leeseo, and every time she looked at IVE, her smile only grew bigger.

When the girls were asked what they would like to resemble about each other, Wonyoung answered that she wished to follow TWICE’s charismatic charm. While both IVE and TWICE are alluring in their own ways, there’s a certain charisma that comes with experience. However, in due time, IVE, too, will deepen their colors and show everyone that there’s no limit to what they can do.

Nayeon then answered that though it’d be hard to make a reality, TWICE wished to be just as tall as the members of IVE. Since IVE’s shortest member is 166 cm while 7/9 of TWICE are shorter than that, it’s easy to see why IVE’s height is what’s most enviable for TWICE.

Afterward, on Jihyo’s Instagram, she posted a picture of herself doing the trending Ban Yujin pose, which IVE member Yujin made popular amongst idols. Jihyo also watches Earth Arcade, the variety show Yujin is a part of, so perhaps her love for IVE started there.

We can’t wait to see what other TWICE x IVE interactions lie in store!