TWICE’s Jihyo Spills On How Her Bestie Kim Sejeong Inspired Her To Compose Her Own Songs

Just two pretty and talented best friends building each other up.

In a video with renowned makeup artist Leo JTWICE‘s Jihyo shared her growth as an artist and how it’s all thanks to her best friend, Kim Sejeong. Leo J started the conversation by asking Jihyo where she learned how to compose and write lyrics. As a huge ONCE, he knew that Jihyo had written many lyrics to TWICE’s songs before and had recently been composing music.

LeoJ Makeup/YouTube 

Jihyo answered that instead of learning at the company or on her own, she developed an interest thanks to Sejeong. Sejeong loves to write her own songs, and as the two are always hanging out together, it’s no surprise that Jihyo also picked up an interest in composing.

Since I’m a singer, wouldn’t it be good to be able to write my own songs?

— Jihyo

So with that desire in mind, she went to Sejeong’s studio and wrote the song “Trouble.”

The fourth track of TWICE’s new album, BETWEEN 1&2, “Trouble,” tells the story of two lovers who are dangerously attracted to each other.

Leo J couldn’t help but comment on how usually, the first couple of songs a singer writes reflect their personal life, to which Jihyo replied that her first ever composed song, “Cactus,” did exactly that.


원스들이 비춰주는 트와이스의 하늘🪄🌌ONCE lights up TWICE’s sky🪄🌌#TWICE_4TH_WORLD_TOUR#ONCE #원스 #TWICE #트와이스


While “Cactus” is a ballad, Jihyo’s story behind writing “Cactus” is more hilarious than sentimental. “Cactus” is in remembrance of the cactus Jihyo forgot about in her room, leading to its death.

But no matter what song Jihyo composes, it’s sure to be a masterpiece. After all, it’s impossible not to get excited while listening to “Trouble,” and “Cactus,” despite its inspiration, is a song that can easily move someone to tears. And with both Jihyo and Sejeong growing as artists, we can’t wait to see if a collaboration between the two outstanding singers will occur in the future.