Kim Sejeong And TWICE Jihyo’s Response To Someone Recognizing Them On Vacation Proves Their True Personalities

They reacted the same way!

Kim Sejeong (also known as Kim Se Jeong) and TWICE‘s Jihyo have an adorable friendship. Kim Sejeong has previously revealed that the two first met when they shared a waiting room and ended up exchanging numbers.

By chance, we ended up using the same waiting room one day. That day, Jihyo kept looking me up and down. She got my number and kept making moves so I decided to be her friend.

-Kim Sejeong

The two have continually shown off their supportive friendship, with Jihyo sending Kim Sejeong a coffee truck for filming…

Kim Sejeong releasing a cover of TWICE’s “Alcohol-Free…”

And both opening up about and supporting each other for the struggles they’ve endured as idols.

Fans were understandably excited when Kim Sejeong and Jihyo uploaded photos of the duo on a Jeju date.

Kim Sejeong and TWICE’s Jihyo | @clean_0828/ Instagram
| @clean_0828/ Instagram
| @clean_0828/ Instagram

And now that Jihyo has uploaded a vlog of the two enjoying Jeju to TWICE’s official YouTube channel, fans get to see more of the duo’s adorable interactions.

The two certainly proved their synergy and kindness when they encountered someone who thought they looked similar to celebrities Kim Sejeong and TWICE’s Jihyo.

Cafe owner: Do you know Sejeong? [You look like her]

Kim Sejeong: I am so flattered!

Cafe owner: You’ve heard that a lot, right?

| TWICE/YouTube 

Kim Sejeong, known for her lively personality, decided to play along, teasingly asking if the owner knew TWICE’s Jihyo too.

Kim Sejeong: Doesn’t [Jihyo] look like one of TWICE?

| TWICE/YouTube 

With Kim Sejeong and Jihyo both joking around, they briefly confused the cafe owner.

Cafe owner: What? Oh! You look so much like Jihyo. Both of you look [an] awful lot like someone I know. I’m even confused whether you really are celebrities.

Jihyo: That makes sense. We do look a lot like them. I’m glad I look like [Jihyo].

| TWICE/YouTube 

But their kindness kept both idols from joking around for too long, both apologizing and revealing that they were the celebrities he suspected.

Kim Sejeong: Stop! You are right. We are who you think we are.

Jihyo: Sorry!

Kim Sejeong: We just thought it was so fun [to play along].

| TWICE/YouTube 

And Jihyo admits that they aren’t preoccupied with fans recognizing them because they came for a vacation.

Jihyo: And we decided to make this trip therapeutic. So no plan. No plan whatsoever. And [we do] not care about whether people recognize us or not. Let’s just have fun.

| TWICE/YouTube 

You can read more about their friendship here.

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