TWICE’s Jihyo Opens Up About Having Their Longest Break Between Albums Since Debut

“MORE & MORE” took the longest out of all of their comebacks.

TWICE recently made their highly-anticipated comeback with “MORE & MORE”. Ever since their debut, TWICE always made a comeback within months, but the break between “Feel Special” and “MORE & MORE” was nearly 9 months.

Jihyo revealed her thoughts on having their longest hiatus between albums. As it took almost a year for their comeback, Jihyo feels this album’s promotions will be different than the others.

She explained, “It was our longest break between albums. I believe the start of this album’s promotion will be different than the others.

They also wanted to challenge themselves to take on a different concept. They’ve mostly only been happy and cheerful in their songs in the past but challenge the “hippie” vibe for “MORE & MORE”.

Since it took 9 months for us to comeback, we wanted to take on a new concept compared to the bright songs that we’ve had in the past.

— Jihyo

But all the while making the new album and experiencing a longer break between albums than before, TWICE only had their fans in mind.

Jihyo confessed, “We worried and wondered if ONCEs will love it.

But as stats have shown, not only are ONCEs in love, the whole world is in love with “MORE & MORE”! Their latest album topped multiple music charts all within hours of its release.

Celebrate with TWICE for all their hard work with “MORE & MORE” MV below!

Source: Sports Donga