TWICE’s Jihyo Makes A Mistake On Stage But Covers It Up In The Cutest Way Possible

She’s so adorable!

TWICE‘s Jihyo recently made a mistake on stage, but she handled it like a total pro and looked adorable doing it!

TWICE’s Jihyo | @twicetagram/Instagram

TWICE recently attended the 8th Edaily Culture Awards, where they won the Best Concert Award.

TWICE at the 8th EDaily Culture Awards | @salliesbread/Twitter

TWICE also performed their summer classic, “Dance the Night Away.”

| Chaengie/YouTube

As usual, they slayed!

During Dahyun‘s part in the song’s bridge, Jihyo made a subtle mistake. She was supposed to raise her hand to her ear, but she skipped ahead to the next dance move. Here’s what the dance looked like originally.

| TWICE/YouTube

Here’s how Jihyo performed it at the awards show.

Jihyo seemed to recognize she made a mistake right away, and she covered it up with an adorable smile.

Although eagle-eyed ONCEs noticed Jihyo’s mistake, they loved seeing the cute smile the minor error brought to Jihyo’s face.

Even though Jihyo made a tiny mistake, she and the other members totally rocked this performance!