TWICE’s Jihyo Demonstrates Her Natural Makeup Routine Using Just Two Products

Here are her most helpful tips.

K-Pop idols may wear bold makeup when they’re performing on stage or posing for the camera, but many of them prefer to wear natural makeup on their day offs. TWICE‘s Jihyo is one such person.

TWICE’s Jihyo | @twicetagram/Instagram

In a recent vlog following the group’s U.S. tour, Jihyo gave fans a glimpse into her natural makeup routine. Surprisingly, she only uses two products: foundation and lipstick!

We have our last rehearsal before the LA concert, so I’m going to put on some makeup, and I’ll record it. I wear pretty light makeup. I’ll show you.

— Jihyo

Pulling out a compact foundation, Jihyo explained that she only applies a thin layer on her face. “I put on a light layer of foundation,” she said.

Next, she whipped out her lipstick. She believes that a full lip doesn’t suit her, so she only dabs a little on the inside of her lips. Following a tutorial she viewed in the past, she also blends the edges with a finger to soften the look.

I don’t look good with a full lip, so I’ll apply [the lipstick] only on the inside of my lips and blend with my finger. I saw this tutorial online, and I loved it. Since then, I’ve applied [my lipstick] like this. I’ll blend with my finger.

— Jihyo

Using what’s left on her finger, she dabs her cheeks, effectively making her lipstick act like a blush! She occasionally goes overboard and ends up applying too much, so she pats on some foundation to lighten the area.

I’ll also use the excess for my cheeks. It’s so hard to put on just the right amount of blush. If it’s too dark, I’ll layer with a little more foundation.

— Jihyo

And that’s it! Smiling brightly, she ended with the words, “I think I look a little more lively, no?

| @TWICE/YouTube

Jihyo’s makeup looks so natural, it’s difficult to tell she’s wearing anything. With or without makeup, she’s beautiful!

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Source: YouTube