Netizens Claim TWICE Jihyo’s Past Instagram Post Revealed Her Relationship With Kang Daniel

The fans quickly began investigating.

Near the end of July, TWICE‘s Jihyo had updated the group’s official Instagram account with photos of herself enjoying a night out in New York City.

I don’t take enough photos these days…🙈 I searched my photo gallery since I haven’t been on Instagram enough🍎🍏

— Jihyo


In one of the photos, Jihyo is seen having dinner at a restaurant with her fellow members and staff.


But netizens claimed that the man spotted in the far right was Kang Daniel, who was recently revealed to have been in a relationship with Jihyo since the beginning of this year.


They claimed the figure looked very similar to Kang Daniel, who also enjoys wearing black bucket hats.


But ONCEs quickly shut down the rumors by revealing that the man is in fact TWICE’s manager. The manager is famous for his well-dressed style and was seen traveling with the group in NYC.


It appears netizens are grasping for any kind of link between Jihyo and Kang Daniel since the new top star couple has become the latest hot topic! But instead of trying to dig for past clues, here’s to focusing on the future of their beautiful love!

Source: Spotv News