TWICE’s Jihyo Reveals Why She’d Pick Being Cute Over Being Sexy

She has her reasons, but she’s totally a stunning combination of both!

TWICE‘s Jihyo made her choice between being called cute or sexy, and her answer has ONCEs fawning over how adorable she is!

Jihyo | @twicetagram/Instagram

Jihyo was recently announced to be releasing her own photobook, titled Yes, I Am Jihyo. As she teases fans with snippets of her photoshoot, Jihyo also sat down for an ASMR interview, where she talked about the concept, her trainee days, and also played with slime!

She decided to then play a “balance game”, where she chooses between two options presented to her. When it came to “cute vs. sexy”, Jihyo shyly chose “cute”!



Embarrassed, Jihyo explained that she chose cute because while she doesn’t think she fits either, “cute” resonates more with her than being “sexy” does!

I feel like I’m neither, but I am really far from being sexy, so I picked cute.


Well, we disagree! Jihyo’s got everything to be a stunning combination of both—a certified cute and sexy queen!

Watch her talk about it here!