TWICE’s Jihyo Says There Won’t Be Any Solo/Unit Groups For The Time Being…But The Members Think Otherwise

Who’s ready for unit or solo promotions?

TWICE made a guest appearance on MBC‘s Radio Star and had a fun time talking about their new album, revealing fun stories from their trainee days, and more!

The group also recently celebrated their five year debut anniversary, making them quite the senior in the K-Pop world. The hosts were curious to know if they had plans for releasing solo or unit groups anytime soon.

Comedian Ahn Young Mi asked, “According to Jihyo, we hear that you don’t have any plans for unit or solos anytime soon?”

Jihyo responded, “Of course we would have to discuss with our company but…”

“…if we did do any unit promotions…”

“…we would be neglecting our promotions as a whole group.”

It looked like the leader of the group was more for doing group promotions for a long time!

When they asked if the other members agreed to this, they all yelled, “Yes!”

The hosts, not convinced, tried poking at the other members.

The hosts asked, “Chaeyoung, didn’t you dream of becoming a painter?”

They jumped with another question, “Chaeyoung, unlike Jihyo’s thoughts, you do have an interest in doing unit promotions, right?”

It seems like the members were caught in a lie! They all seemed to want to do unit promotions at some time.

The hosts had fun watching the members start to panic as they asked one more question…

“We hear you also want to do solo promotions?”

They also heard that Nayeon had an interest in rap (although she is the lead vocal)!

Will be be getting the first-ever rap unit group from TWICE? Guess we will have to wait and see!