TWICE’s Jihyo And Sana Remind Us Of An Iconic Viral Video

They’re going viral too!

TWICE recently released the Opening Trailer for their 11th mini album BETWEEN 1&2.

It features the members as bad*ss secret agents, radiating kitsch vibes! We’re loving the new concept so far.


Yet, one moment from the trailer has stood out among ONCEs (TWICE fans) and is going viral on Twitter.

In one part, leader Jihyo appears very serious. She motions to Sana, who suddenly appears to her left, mistakingly completing a hand-heart. Clearly not what Jihyo intended, she slaps Sana’s hand away.

This video clip has been viewed over 600K times!

While it’s hilarious, we can’t help but be reminded of another viral video…

Recently, a video went viral on TikTok and Twitter in which a dentist put his hand out for a syringe from his assistant, but the patient continually attempted to make the hand heart with his. Ultimately, he has to slap her hand out the way.

Naturally, Jihyo and Sana’s comedic bit reminded them of the viral TikTok!