TWICE’s Jihyo Sheds Tears upon Arriving at Gimpo International Airport

Jihyo was recently a victim of false rumors surrounding Jung Joon Young’s illegal videos.

YouTuber Bimong recently uploaded a video of TWICE arriving at Gimpo International Airport for their dome tour in Japan, in which Jihyo drew particular attention.

In the shared footage, TWICE arrived at the airport with bright expressions on their faces, but in contrast to the rest of the members, Jihyo got out of the car with a stiff expression on her face.


What followed was Jihyo shedding tears and her fellow members holding her hand to comfort her as they passed through the crowd at the airport.

The reason for her tears are unconfirmed, but Jihyo was recently a victim of malicious rumors surrounding Jung Joon Young’s scandal.

Following reports of Jung Joon Young’s involvement in Seungri’s chatroom as well as his “golden phone”, false rumors about a female celebrity’s involvement in one of the footages as well as names of who it could have been was created and spread in online communities.

One of those names was TWICE’s Jihyo, which led to JYP Entertainment taking legal action in order to prevent possible slander of the idol.

TWICE’s agency, JYP Entertainment recently stated, “We’ve charged those who created and spread the malicious rumors about our artist for defamation.”

Here’s Bimong’s footage of TWICE’s arrival at Gimpo International Airport below:

Source: Insight