TWICE’s Jihyo Shows Off Her Toned Figure For Cosmopolitan And Fans Are Living For It

God Jihyo is #FitnessGoals

On June 18, Cosmopolitan Korea uploaded a post to their Instagram featuring TWICE‘s Jihyo. With a caption suggesting something big coming. Onces were left in suspense for almost a month wondering what their idol might be up to.

Jihyo during “Alcohol-Free” | @twicestagram/Instagram

While fans had tried to puzzle it out, no one expected that on July 13, JYP Entertainment and Cosmopolitan would reveal that Jihyo would get her chance as a fitness model and work with international fitness brand, Under Armour.

Jihyo behind-the-scenes for Under Armour. | @twicestagram/Instagram

Now that the teaser and a full video have been dropped on Cosmopolitan Korea’s social media pages, fans are taking to Twitter to express just how much the idol “fits” this concept.

Jihyo getting ready to run. | COSMOPOLITAN Korea/YouTube 

Some fans are surprised they hadn’t figured this collaboration out sooner with all the times Jihyo has showed off her athleticism.

Others are shook at the fact that Cosmopolitan understands the power of “God Jihyo”.

However, the general consensus is that Jihyo looks absolutely incredible!

(And maybe we all might need to budget a little bit more for active wear this month).

To check out her first full video for this collaboration, check out the link below:

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