TWICE’s Jihyo Lashes Out While Explaining Why She Disappeared At MAMA 2019

Fans are divided in reaction to the messages.

In her most recent V App chat session with ONCEs, TWICE‘s Jihyo clarified why she went missing for a while at the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards. Back in December 2019 at the awards ceremony, Jihyo showed up for the red carpet and the group’s scheduled performances — but had fans worried when she wasn’t with the rest of the group for a short period in between.


Jihyo wrote she was “gone for a while mid-ceremony”…

Note some fans linked her “disappearance” with Kang Daniel‘s sudden health issue and speculated that she was too “out of her mind” to be at the ceremony.


… because she didn’t feel well. While explaining what happened though, Jihyo lashed out at “attention needy” fans who “blabbered” about why she went missing.

Also note that the Korean term she used “웅앵웅” is a very informal type of online language derived from netizens on community forums and is often used on social media platforms like Twitter to either 1. shorten, in similarity to English’s “Blah-di-blah” or “Da-da-da” or 2. disregard complaining opinions, like in the way English’s “Or whatever” does.


She showed a complete “sorry not sorry” attitude…


… and ONCEs are split in their reactions to Jihyo’s relatively aggressive tone in the messages. Some found Jihyo’s straight-forwardness to be confident and satisfying:

I think Jihyo is amazing though. I respect her. I think the way she dishes facts is something I could learn from her. People tripping over her messages are probably the ones who spread rumors about her. Idiots. Jihyo didn’t say anything wrong. She only served facts. What’s the issue?

— Twitter @MinaChaeng_Luv

FACTS. Jihyo is fucking amazing for telling it like it is.

— Twitter @MozziHyo21

What the LOL Park Jihyo is fricking amazing LOL I’m cracking up so bad, haha. Oh man, Jihyo is seriously the best.

— Twitter @jihyo_chungha


Others found it offensive and unprofessional.

Ah… Uh… I wasn’t going to call out anyone, but what’s going on Jihyo…? I get that it’s hard for you, but lashing out only hurts your fans. Can’t you use gentler words? Can’t you be a little more considerate of ONCEs and watch what you say? This is… This is really…

— Twitter @LoveYouTzuyu

Jihyo, I get you didn’t like hearing this and that about yourself but if calling them weird and “attention needy” people makes you feel any better, then I mean… I really have nothing to say to that. Good for you, I guess.

— Twitter @minatozakisamna

At least Jeongyeon was trying to lighten the mood… Jihyo is fucking… She’s my bias but I cannot side with her on this. All she should have said was, ‘I was sick so I couldn’t be there’ but no. She had to lash out and say shit she didn’t need to.

— Twitter @NlistedU


Since then, Jihyo went on to continue interacting with ONCEs in the chat. She shows no regrets, but fans remain divided over how she worded the “clarification”.