TWICE’s Jihyo spotted in a wheelchair while heading to airport

TWICE‘s Jihyo was spotted in a wheelchair, arriving in Bangkok, Thailand with the rest of her group.

Doctors advised Jihyo back in March to halt all her activities due to the poor condition of her knees. Despite her knee condition, Jihyo will still be attending TWICE’s first solo concert in Bangkok.

Jihyo enters the concourse while being helped by an Asiana Airlines employee.

411 Entertainment, organizers for TWICE’s stop in Bangkok, made a statement as to why Jihyo will be in attendance,

“We would like to thank all of the fan’s support for their participation in this concert. The contents of this message is about the TWICE concert in Bangkok. Jihyo is still recovering from her knee injury but she has been gradually progressing in health, therefore she is scheduled to return to promotions. The doctors have said that she still can not stand as much as normal, but Jihyo wishes to repay the Thai fans for all their support they’ve shown. That is why she will be in attendance.

Because her injury is not fully healed, she will only be able to participate in stages while sitting in a chair. This is our update on the situation, we hope everyone can understand and support the concert.”

— 411 Entertainment

Watch TWICE’s fan reception upon arriving in Thailand.


Source: 411 Entertainment