TWICE Jihyo Attends Younger Sister’s Graduation, Students Go Insane

TWICE fans were in for a treat when Jihyo made a surprise appearance at her sister’s graduation! And people literally went crazy…

The students of Segok Middle School were in for a complete surprise when a famous face suddenly appeared at their middle school graduation!

The students went crazy when TWICE’s Jihyo was spotted in the parking lot!

Jihyo had attended the ceremony with all of her family members to celebrate her younger sister, Seo Yeon’s graduation!

The whole school started going crazy as fans gathered around to get a closer look.

Although she was there for personal reasons, Jihyo took the time to take selfies with her adoring fans.

She politely smiled as she congratulated the other graduating students.

It was a busy day for Jihyo as her sister’s graduation ceremony turned out to be more like a fan meeting!

Fans were mesmerized by her beauty and kindness as she patiently took the time to take pictures with all of her fans.

Needless to say, Jihyo’s younger sister was pretty proud to call Jihyo her unnie!

Source: MLB Park and Insight