ONCEs Upset After JYP Entertainment Removes TWICE’s 10th Member From The Group

She’ll always be a part of the group.

Although TWICE might officially be a nine-membered girl group, every ONCE knows that there have always been a few secret members that are just as much a part of the group as the members themselves.


These secret members are their managers who hold a special place in every fan’s heart for the way they care for not only the girls but the fans too, and now one of those beloved managers is stepping away from the group.


Lovingly nicknamed “Sadness Manager” or “Sadness Unnie” for her resemblance to one “Inside Out” character, Kim Na Yeon has been the 10th member of TWICE for years know.


Not only has she made hearts melt with her interactions with the group during fan meetings…


And livestreams…


She’s also proven time and time again that she loves ONCEs too!


Sadness unnie has become such an integral part of TWICE that fans were quick to notice when there were fewer and fewer sightings of her. Some ONCEs even realized they hadn’t really seen her with the rest of the group since “What Is Love”.


So everyone was shocked when rumors began to circulate that JYP Entertainment had reassigned her to work with Stray Kids. And it seemed like the rumors were true after fans spotted a very familiar figure with the group in Jakarta.


Of course, ONCEs were upset to see her leave TWICE because she became a part of the family. Although they are upset, they have been leaving messages of support on Twitter showing how much they care about their sadness manager.


And some fans have even been leaving comments under YouTube videos featuring the loveable unnie.


What may be even sadder than seeing her move to a different group, is the thought that she may have resigned from JYP Entertainment. Some ONCEs believe that she may have left the company altogether.


Whether she truly left the company or if she was reassigned to Stray Kids, sadness unnie will always hold a special place in ONCEs hearts and will forever be known as the 10th member of TWICE!