TWICE’s Latest “TIME TO TWICE” Mission Is So Scary That Even Brave Chaeyoung Is Terrified

Even Baby Beast gets scared sometimes!

After all their Sports Day fun in the last 3 episodes of TIME TO TWICE, the TWICE members took on a scary challenge!

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The challenge was so terrifying that it even scared Chaeyoung who’s typically calm and collected!

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In the previous episode of TIME TO TWICE, the members wrapped up their Sports Day with a water balloon toss, Bubble Suit Korean Wrestling, limbo, and a relay race. In the end, the blue team, SanaJihyo, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu, defeated the red team, which was made up of Nayeon, MomoMina, and Dahyun. At the end of Sports Day, the members were supposed to head back inside the school to claim their prizes.

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However, the staff revealed that the classroom was locked, and the members would have to find numbers hidden around the school to crack the code to the classroom.

Since TWICE spent the whole day playing sports, they had to wander around the school grounds in the dark to find the numbers.

The members paired off and took turns searching for numbers to figure out the code. Mina and Chaeyoung teamed up with each other, and Chaeyoung told her partner that she felt “like it’s gonna get scary.” 

Then, Mina shared that she was more scared than she thought she would be and said she didn’t know Chaeyoung “was so easily scared.” Mina also revealed that she chose Chaeyoung as her partner because she thought that Chaeyoung would’ve been really brave!

To Mina’s surprise, she ended up being the bravest one on their team instead of Chaeyoung!

As soon as they arrived at the first place they needed to search, Chaeyoung screamed and held onto Mina.

When they opened the door to the first room they searched, Chaeyoung waited for Mina to go in first.

Then, when they opened another door, Chaeyoung got caught off guard by the wind, ran out, dropped to the ground, and screamed.

After a while, Chaeyoung mustered up some courage, and she found the first clue!

Thanks to a flashlight she found and Mina’s companionship, Chaeyoung even started to laugh after a while.

When a staff member dressed as a ghost surprised her and Mina inside the school, Chaeyoung screamed and dropped to the ground again. However, she got over her fears quickly after the ghost gave her and Mina a clue to help them crack the classroom’s code.

Thankfully, Chaeyoung and Mina successfully made it inside the classroom! Since she was so scared while completing the mission, Chaeyoung worried about the other members. “I am sure the members will get frightened,” she told Mina.

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